The El Capitan Band Parents Association was established on March 22nd 1963 and has supported the El Capitan High School Music Department with a group of volunteers who work together to support the El Capitan Vaqueros Music and Pageant Arts programs through various way. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join the association. The meetings are listed on our Calendar with locations and times. The involvement of the Band Parent Association includes fundraising, community outreach, equipment/uniform maintenance and transportation, chaperoning events, communications, feeding & watering the band, and whatever else it takes to make the year a success for the students. That includes cheering them on for all their hard work! Whatever skill or talent you have to offer, we will welcome you! 


“The mission of the El Capitan Band Parents Association is to provide a greater appreciation of Music and Fine Arts to our students that promote creativity, leadership and excellence.  We are a non-profit organization serving and supporting our high school and local community all within a safe and positive environment that teaches our students to strive for success and artistic expression.”

2019-2020 Band Parents Association Board Members:

DirectorChris Nowlin, Jim Villegas, & Leo  DaSilva

DirectorChris Nowlin, Jim Villegas, & Leo  DaSilva

Title Name
Director Chris Nowlin, Jim Villegas, & Leo  DaSilva
President: Vacant
Vice President: Frank Manteau
Secretary: Christine Sullivan
Treasurer: Nikol LeVine
Fundraising: Jennifer Smiley
Parliamentarian: Mike McCabe
Auditor: Jae McCabe
Hospitality: Jae McCabe
Historian: Jody Spears
Color Guard Parent Chairperson: Stephanie Richart
Jazz Band Parent Chairperson: Vacant
Percussion/Drum line Chairperson: Vacant
Communications: Lila Hackenberg